The first one on the list is also the most inexpensive. The LG Electronics UM67 might not have a heavy asking price but do not be fooled by it because it has a lot of interesting things under its belt.

For starters, the UM67 is a 34-inch IPS LED monitor that has a maximum resolution of 2560×1080 (WFHD). Since this monitor uses an IPS panel, it has one of the best color reproduction out there.

Ultrawide monitors are used for a variety of purposes: from gaming to content creation and even editing. For that purpose, the monitor also comes with the Screen Split feature that allows you to create up to 4 mini screens on the display. This allows you total control of the screen and you can put as many applications on the display at one time.

This monitor has an impressive SRGB rating of 99% which in layman’s terms mean that this Ultrawide monitor produces stunning visuals with great color depth. This is perfect for editors and photographers as they are assured that the quality of their photo in this display is top notch.

It is interesting to see the AMD FreeSync technology in the LG UM67. For a monitor that is priced below $500, you get a 34-inch display with FreeSync technology. Of course, for you to be able to enable the said technology, you need to have a compatible AMD graphics card.

The LG UM67 also comes with 2x 7-watt speakers that do an impressive job of giving you an immersive sound experience. Although it might not be that good compared to the other monitors in this list, it is pretty good in most cases.

Other features of the LG UM67 includes a Game Mode which allows you to set the color profile to match some of the most popular gaming genres. A Black Stabilizer technology which enhances visibility in dark scenes and environments. And a Flicker-safe technology which eliminates screen flicker. Screen flicker usually induces headaches and eyestrain and it is not a good thing to have if you’re going to use the monitor for hours.

For the display IO, you get two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort connection. If you want to unlock all of the features of the UM67, be sure to use the DisplayPort.

For the price of $432.94, you get an Ultrawide gaming monitor with FreeSync and a host of other additions. I would say that this monitor is a steal, really.

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